Remote Assistance

Gone are the days when having a computer problem meant waiting hours for a technician to arrive — only to find that the issue was minor — leaving you to pay for 30 minutes of their time, plus a call-out fee (not to mention the cost of your down-time).

Now, technical support is just moments away (provided you still have an internet connection).

Our casual remote assistance service gives you the help you need when you need it, without the overhead of lock-in service contracts. At just $12.00 per 6-minute block (even less for our regular customers), most problems are resolved for less than the cost of a traditional call-out fee.

The remote assistance software will establish a temporary connection to your computer, allowing us to operate it as though we were right there with you. Your privacy is assured as you can see exactly what we're doing at all times.

To get started, follow these easy steps:

  • If you already have the CrossLoop software installed, simply start it. Otherwise, you will need to download and install the CrossLoop remote assistance software.
  • If your firewall software asks to unblock this program's access to the internet, please allow it.
  • Windows Defender may caution about software named RemoteAccess:Win32/TightVNC. You may Ignore the warning, as this is the program that provides the remote assistance facility.
  • Once CrossLoop is running, you can Skip the option to log in or create a CrossLoop account, click on the Share tab, then contact us via phone or e-mail to briefly discuss the problem you're experiencing and to provide your unique Access Code. We're quite happy to call you back so that you're not paying long distance call rates.
  • When we enter your Access Code, you will receive a prompt asking if you wish to allow PhatPixel access to your computer. Please click Yes.
  • After a few moments, the remote connection will be established and we will work with you through the remainder of the process.
  • Upon completion, we will advise the total cost of the support and an invoice will be issued soon after. You will also be given the option to provide feedback about the support session.


Remote Assistance (2.03MB)

Remote Assistance (7.86MB)